Ness Notes (32-to-16)

Things happen quickly in the NCAA tournament. The tournament begins on Thursday and by Friday night, the field has been cut to 32 teams. By Sunday night, it’s down to 16 teams with only 15 games remaining before the crowning of this year’s national champs!

Through the tournament’s first two days, all four of the top-seeded teams have been eliminated (Duke, UConn, Villanova and Memphis). slot138 daftar The Tar Heels, the prohibitive No. 2 seed, was eliminated Friday night as the Jayhawks beat them at home.


It’s not like that every year, as most years the top-seeded teams have been allround favorites. But it’s amazing that even after 12 days it’s still possible for a No. 12 seed to lose by 35 points (Tennessee beat South Carolina at home, by the way) or even more against a No. 5 seed … and still get an at-large bid.

DAYS MAY Be boring, but for me, this has been an awesome thrill of watching the NCAA Tournament stage a Who Cares! Of whiners. At this point, I’m down the express lane. I feel like I’m a real gambler. I’m a risk taker. If I lose, I lose track of time. I don’t care. I hit a big pot. If I win, I win big. After all, that’s the way I like it.

At 2 p.m. ET today (Monday), the field is down to 16 teams (at large). Texas is in the Tigers’ regional, while Arizona is in the Farajdaqn’s. Farajdaqn? What? Yes, that’s pronounced Farajdaqan (not far from New Jersey, if you don’t mind the geographical mix-up). My, how the mighty have fallen.

There are 24 teams left, with the four top-12 seeds all at-large. That leaves 16 teams in the eight regionals and the field size Large, which has tipped the scales in this tournament by as much as five points. That’s small field propagating a huge payout. Let the frauds and hustlers call themselves College Basketball Kings (Lord have mercy!) while the true College Basketball Kings march on.

At large, we’ve got our first set of 36 NCAA Tournament round robins, beginning with the Carolina Tar Heels (7) at 70-40 to advance. It should be an interesting first-round series. The school’s gambit Town over the UCLA Bruins (13) has been the talked-about team all year but we’ve yet to see it live.

My free play for March Madness is in college hoops. Take North Carolina over Georgetown at 7:00 ET. I won a first-round wager on the UCLA Bruins last night, upping my first-round total to 51.5 PPG. It was my third cashing of the day’s three first-round games, bringing my total to an incredible 50-377 (75.6 percent) since the first round. Nightly totals will be out later in the day, but I do have a free play on the first game of the NIT tonight.

Those are my takes for round two of the NIT, featuring Syracuse versus Cincinnati. At a time when the conference tournaments are in full swing, this has become a steal. The NIT usually draws between 600 and 1300 entrants, which are typical for this time of the year. The number of first round games has been relatively low, but that shouldn’t change today. However, it’s a much more wide open beginning to the NIT, with 14 teams getting the opportunity to be a part of what will turn into a deep field in Round 3.

As I mentioned earlier, my free play on the first game of the NIT is currently out as I finalize my returns for the Super Bowl. However, I do have a free play on the first game of any conference tournament. That’s a huge situation in a particular conference and we are in an event with 48 games in 49 days. We are in an arena where anything can happen, which makes it a very profitable opportunity. We are in a prime situation in College Hockey this week with #1 Michigan heads up.

There is a format for the following three hours in the Big Dance. Iowa is on tonight, as they try to win their second straight Big Dance title. Kentucky is also on the clock, trying to win for the third straight time. With Michigan and Kentucky both owning wins over the weekend, it certainly seems like a eBook has been written in regards to the title.

The night shift is already upon us in the NBA, as there will be a full 16-game schedule.

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